Enter an entire first floor graced with a magical display of beautiful trees, wreaths, wall hangings & table decorations. All in a variety of themes and styles for raffle. Stroll through the ambience of these sparkling creations, and enjoy their festive beauty. *Purchase your tickets during the event, and take a chance to win!
Did someone say fresh baked goodies? Follow the spiral staircase downstairs to Grandma's Pantry! Shelves and counters are filled with a cornucopia of homemade tasty treasures for sale: cookies, pies, cakes, candy and more! Take home some festive treats for yourself, for your loved ones or to compliment your Thanksgiving meal.
While downstairs browsing through Grandma's Pantry, hop on over to our 1856 Kitchen! Dine at the old fashioned table and enjoy a delicious slice of apple pie, with a hot cup of coffee or tea!
(cookies and cocoa are available for the kids)
Everyone loves a round of holiday shopping to complete their festivities! Follow the spiral staircase all the way up to the second floor, and immerse yourself in the splendor of unique holiday crafts & gifts. Rooms are filled with local artisans selling hand crafted items sure to please your holiday spirit!




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Welcome to The Octagon House of Camillus!
Welcome to an unusual & charming home, full of American history.

Step inside this rare and unusual home from the 19th Century, full of vintage charm and intrigue. It's one of the few octagon homes left in the Eastern part of the United States that's not only restored, but also enjoys public access on every floor level.

Unique to this house is the central spiral staircase, where you can explore through 5 different floors, and climb your way up sixty-two steps to the cupola where you can view all of the Camillus scenery.

Many of the home's features are intriguingly octagonal, built to unique specifications, and materials used to construct the building have been harvested from the farm itself. Restored rooms on 3 floors and a Gallery of displays on the second level will share an insight into how the original owners lived during those times of days gone by. The Wilcox Octagon Museum is on the National Registry of Historical Places.


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*November is Holiday Open House Weekend!
NOVEMBER 25, 2018 - APRIL 2019:
Explore the Architecture

Open each thumbnail below, & explore a
larger picture of the Museum's interior:



First Floor


Second Floor
Side View
Orson Fowler Phrenologist

Proud member of Camillus Chamber of Commerce and Town of Cammillus


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