The Wilcox Octagon House Museum
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Martisco Rail Museum, The Inn Between, Erie Canal Park

Historical Camillus: Your Adventure Begins Here!

Whether you are a tour group planning a trip, or a family looking for an adventure day out, Camillus has historical attractions sure to please. Make dinner reservations at The Inn Between, where you will enjoy an exquisite traditional American menu, and bask in a beautiful country setting at this 1800's home full of the history of our first settlers. Or, reserve your seat aboard The Iroquois, and take in the sights on a wonderful dinner cruise along the Erie Canal.

You'll be guaranteed to work up an appetite for dinner exploring other historical sites in our town such as The Martisco Railway Museum - a fun treat especially for your train enthusiast, and Sims Store Museum at The Camillus Erie Canal Park. The Camillus Erie Canal Park also has a beautiful towpath to walk or ride your bike along, or bring your fishing pole to throw a line in the water. For a more rugged hiking adventure, check out our Camillus Forest Unique Area.

And don't forget to make a date to visit The Wilcox Octagon House!



Dining Attractions:

The Inn-Between Restaurant

Camillus Erie Canal Dinner Cruises


Museum Attractions:

Martisco Station Railway Museum

Erie Canal Sims Store Museum


Historical Parks and Trails:

Camillus Erie Canal Park and Boat Tours


Boat Tour

Camillus Forest Unique Area


Fingerlakes Area Tourism Attractions:

Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance


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