Great Membership Opportunties

A fun-filled hobby is waiting for you :)

It's fantastic whether you like the idea of vintage, historic or architectural topics, or you're just wanting to do something fun and social, connecting with people and making friends; our membership and volunteering we offer has something for everyone.

Learn to capture imagination of an audience with story telling as a docent, tap into your festive side through our charming community events and activities, share a skill or talent... or discover an interest you never knew you had! Plus our members get together for social outings and day trips too.


Request a membership, it's easy.

  1. Contact us with this email address: octagonhouseofcamillus@gmx.com

  2. In the subject line write: Membership Interest

  3. In the email body, include:
    • State that you'd like to learn more about the opportunity.
    • If you have any special reasons, include this in the email too.
    *i.e. community service, skill building, research, etc.

  4. We look forward to connecting with you!


Attention: future members and volunteers.

We'd love to meet you!

Our membership meets on the second Monday of each month from April through December. The meeting takes place at the Octagon House at 7:00 pm. Come to one of our meetings to learn who we are and what we are all about. Bring a friend!


Meet our Members and Volunteers:

Katelyn Corcoran

Chris Kotula

Nancy Mango

June Schneiweiss

Joyce Moryl

Cynthia Drake

Genevieve Delledonne

Mary Eschenberg

Joy Flood

Mary Flynn

Linda Galaska

Alison Hess

Dorothy Horne

Phyllis Kehoskie

Evie Komanecky

Claire Kotula

Kristi Legnetto

Barbara Messere

Judy Morrison

Sharon Patrillo

Nancy Raynor

Pat Schmidt

Nancy Smith

Debbie Vecchio

Julie Hulchanski

Board of Directors:
Eric Bacon Director, Parks & Recreation, Town of Camillus
David Callahan Town of Camillus Board Member
Diane Dwire Community Representative
Paul Sheedy Financial Advisor
Tom Hart Town of Camillus Building Supervisor
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